In 2019, The ProMedica Museum of Natural History at the Toledo Zoo was seeking an interactive attraction to showcase a large number of artifacts collected throughout their history, which until now, had been stored away in archives. In collaboration with the Zoo’s curators and Graphite Design & Build, Weigl Control assisted in the development and implementation of a one-of-a-kind interactive zoo experience for all ages.

Guests are divided into one of four teams and provided a camera designating the team color (red, green. blue or purple). They are asked to assist the Zoo in cataloguing artifacts displayed throughout the room. Each session consists of five tasks. A large monitor and overhead multi-channel audio provide direction, prompting guests with tasks such as finding all the animals native to Africa. Teams have 30 seconds to photograph the corresponding PrismTag™ Targets of all correct artifacts for each task.

Interactive lighting inclusive of tunable cabinet lighting from Environmental Lights, ETC ColorSource spots & floods and additional RGB LED components help to showcase all correct items as they are collected. Points are tallied throughout the game and displayed on the overhead monitor. At the end of five tasks, the entire room erupts in an audio and lighting celebration personalized to the winning team color. Over 50 RGB theatrical fixtures create a dynamic space to both game players and guests experiencing the artifacts in a static capacity.

A single ProCommander® LX2 provides multi-channel audio and DMX lighting playback, while a PrismTag™ system with 30 PrismTag™ Targets is incorporated for game play and scoring functions. Weigl Control also provided game, camera and lighting design consultation, programming and media production support.

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