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Weigl Control provides interactive and multi-media electronic controllers for theme parks, sauna & spas, animatronic, targeting systems, science centers, haunted houses, theaters and museums.

About Weigl Control

Weigl GmbH & Co KG is known around the world as the brand Weigl Control, which stands for individual solutions in Show Control. Weigl Works, LLC. dba Weigl Controls has been our exclusive distributor for all of America almost from the beginning. Over the years, our US team at Weigl Control has accumulated a great deal of experience with our products and is always in the position to provide customers with the best possible support. They are first class!

Weigl Control provides interactive and multi-media electronic controllers for theme parksanimatronic & roboticsauna & spastargeting systemsscience centershaunted housestheaters and museums.

The Weigl ProCommander® X Series was developed in celebration of our 10th company anniversary, which expands the functionality of the ProCommander® Series with polyphony, advanced networking and digital motor control.

The Weigl ProCommander® Series features solid-state show controllers built for playback of synchronous audio, video, animation, lighting, and mechanical action. The controllers’ flexible architecture options and open control protocols allow inspired attractions to be designed without hardware limitations.

The modules of the Weigl Pro I/OTM Series are used either for expanding installation requirements of show control units of the ProCommander® Series or as interface between computer and external show control equipment.

The Weigl PrismTagTM System is an interactive gaming logic, which illustrates the possibility of visitor-related scoring and resulting high score graphically processed. For generating direct player reactions or triggering special effects it interacts in a very flexible way with our ProCommander® and Pro I/OTM Series devices.

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ProCommander® X Series

Our most powerful controllers yet…


Pro VP™

A video player solution designed for playback


ProCommander® Series

Built to run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


Pro I/O™ Series

Extremely flexible in handling different input signals

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