MINT more than just a color for robots & animatronics. MINT makes school.

On May 31st, 2022, puzzling, testing, trying out and “all-hands-on” were clearly in the foreground for all 11-12-year-old schoolchildren.

As part of the MINTRON roadshow organized by the WKO & MS Reichenthal i.M. the subjects and professions in Mathematics, Informatic, Natural sciences and Technology (MINT in short) were presented to the pupils interactively.

The students experimented in small groups on various tasks from the subject areas. The courage to try things out and make mistakes was a top priority, and the use of smartphones & Co was encouraged.

Thank you very much for the invitation and the chance to make a small contribution to the MINTRON event.

Thank you in particular for the warm welcome from director Margit Pammer BEd, Mag.a Sabine Lindorfer, Mag.a Sabine Pux, Dr. Franz Tauber, Sarah Danninger & the great moderation by Roman Dallamassel.