ProCommander® HX – Coming soon

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ProCommander HX Front

In celebartion of our 10th anniversary, the Weigl ProCommander® X Series provides advanced networking, polyphony, digital motor control and more, utilizing familiar Weigl timelines and our continually evolving ASCII logic structure.

Mix and match your favorite Pro I/O™ modules, integrate external lighting or media interfaces and build your show in Conductor or Showforge™ in real-time.

ProCommander HX Rear

The ProCommander® HX extends the key features of the ProCommander® AX with the addition of 8 uncompressed polyphonic, DSP controlled audio channels. Flexible monitor outputs provide options for LFE effects & down-mix channels, as well as SMPTE In/Out for synchronization with external components. Microphone and line-level inputs provide paging, ducking and background music.


  • 2x Ethernet
  • I/O-NET
  • ArtNet Supported
  • Mini USB
  • Graphic Touch Display
  • 16x Digital In
  • 16x Digital Out, configurable for PNP or NPN switching
  • 4x GPIO software configurable expansion option
  • 12x Analog In
  • 4x Analog Out
  • 3x RS-232
  • 1x RS-485
  • 1x CAN
  • DMX-512 In
  • DMX-512 Out
  • 8x Servo Out
  • SMPTE In/Out
  • Real Time Clock
  • SD Slot
  • 8x High Powered Class D Amplifier (75w)
  • 25pol. Sub-D Audio
  • Polyphonic Audio
  • 2x 1/4″ Microphone In
  • 1x 1/4″ Line In
  • Mounts in 1/2 rack space


If you have any further questions or if you want to pre-order a Weigl ProCommander® HX please contact us.