WEMC-1 ProCommander™


WEMC1 is a Show Controller for controlling synchronously audio information and various periphery.


  • Storage of shows and control functions on a microSD card.
  • Synchronous audio-playback according to the control commands.
  • Stereo audio line output.
  • 4/8? stereo loud speaker output.
  • 2x10W/20W Class-D audio amplifier with low current consumption.
  • 10/100 BASE-T network connection.
  • 16x parallel inputs to start shows and to trigger events. These inputs can be wired as a matix for button blocks. 8 inputs (out of the 16) can be used as analog inputs. This makes it possible to react e.g. on objects and persons with varying distances to a sensor.
  • 16x Open-Collector outputs (500mA/48V); 8 of them can be used as PWM-outputs for directly controling of LED-lighting.
  • Optional deliverable with up to 8 relays.
  • DMX-output for 512 DMX-channels.
  • DMX-input with merging function. Merging modes: LTP, HTP, Change, Add and Combine.
  • 3x RS232-interfaces.
  • 4x 0-10V outputs.
  • 4x R/C servo outputs to directly control model flight servos for easy mechanical motions.
  • Connection facility of solar panels and accumulators, with integrated charging electronics for outdoor operations, where no power supply is available.
  • 12V-24V standard power supply unit.


The upgrade of the advantages of WEMC-1 ProCommander™ provides the Weigl ProCommander™ Series with the ProCommander™ 2, which is a multifunctional ShowControl-unit.