ProCommander® LX 2

Weigl ProCommander LX Rear

The ProCommander® LX 2 is a multi-channel show controller providing 16 channels of synchronized audio playback or 8 independent stereo zones.

It is ideal for installations requiring multiple audio tracks, as well as, controlling an entire exhibit or museum through independent operating zones.



  • Ethernet
  • Mini USB
  • LCD-Display
  • 16x Digital In
  • 16x Digital Out
  • 2x RS-232
  • 2x RS-485
  • DMX-512 In
  • DMX-512 Out
  • 8x Analog In
  • 4x Analog Out
  • Relay Out (optional)
  • High Powered Class-D Amplifier (optional)
  • SMPTE In
  • SMPTE Out
  • Real Time Clock
  • ArtNet Supported
  • SD Slot
  • 16x 1/4” Audio
  • 16 channels of high quality audio output (8 stereo audio outputs)
  • Multiple shows and zones can be accessed simultaneously on separate audio pairs
  • 1/4″ TRS Balanced Audio Outputs
  • Blue LCD status information display
  • UDP Network connection for programming, triggering shows and diagnostics
  • USB connection
  • Separate DMX input
  • 8 high powered analog outputs
  • 8 Stereo Class-D Amplifier (optional)
  • SMPTE timecode input and output allows all shows to jam sync or source from a master show signal Fits 1RU


Technical Highlights

  • 16 digital outputs at 48VDC/500mA
  • 16 digital inputs OR 8 digital and 8 analog
  • 3 RS-232 serial ports (1 RS-485 capable with adapter)
  • 512 channels of DMX input
  • 512 channels of DMX output
  • 4 analog outputs
  • On-board Ethernet
  • User replaceable chipsets
  • 8x high-powered relays optional
  • IR remote control available
  • Optional high powered amplifier
  • Integrated DMX merger with LTP, HTP modes
  • Integrated memory card storage for audio/timeline data

Here you’ll find the manual and the latest version of the firmware for Weigl ProCommander® LX 2.

If you have any further questions or if you want to order a Weigl ProCommander® LX 2 please contact us.