Pro I/O™ Digital 32 NPN/ PNP/ DB37 NPN

The new Pro I/O™ interfaces are network devices for controlling many types of external equipment. Pro I/O™’s are extremely flexible in handling different input signals and processing to device specific outputs.

WEIGL Pro I/O Digital 32 NPN Rear

Weigl Pro I/O™’s are designed to offer powerful features in a small form factor. This set of interface devices gives you many options to fit your installation requirements.

WEIGL Pro I/O Digital 32 PNP Rear

The integration of analog and digital PWM, contract closure outputs, standard ArtNet and DMX gives you opportunity to expand the capabilities of the Show Control units of the Weigl ProCommander® Series, VenueMagic® SC+ and ConductorPro™ anywhere on a regular network system.

WEIGL Pro I/O DB37 Rear

Pro I/O™’s support a variety of industry standard lighting and industrial show control protocols making it possible to take control of animatronics, mechanical action equipment, remote lighting and environmental lighting controls within the same show control environment.




  • 32x Digital outputs (Open-Collector)
  • up to 2A/48V per channel (hardware variation with MOSFET-driver)
  • optional with NPN (negative) or PNP (positive) output driver
  • Display of ON/OFF status of the 32 outputs
  • DMX read-in for DMX to digital out conversion


Common Features For Pro I/O Devices

  • Ethernet
  • Mini USB
  • LCD-Display
  • RS-232
  • RS-485
  • DMX-512 In
  • ArtNet Support
  • Software configurable
  • Extensive ASCII-protocol for a wide range of control options
  • Hardware interface for any kind of pc related control programs
  • 19” rack mount adapter and Din-rail mount available

Additional Details

All outputs are controllable through simple UDP commands, RS232, ArtNet or DMX.

In addition, daisy chain connection via standard CAT 5/6 cables, to allow easy system integration in complex installations is available.

With the DMX read in function, the individual outputs can be assigned to free definable DMX channels.

The twenty-four character alpha numeric display delivers’ information about the current operation mode. This helps provide feedback and diagnostics about the proper function of the Pro I/O device.

Wiring Diagram – ProCommander® Series & Pro™ I/O

Here you’ll find the Wiring Diagram as download.




Wiring Diagram – ProCommander® X Series & Pro™ I/O

Here you’ll find the Wiring Diagram as download.




Here you’ll find the manual and the latest verion of the firmware for Weigl Pro I/O™ Digital 32/ PNP/ DB37.

If you have any further questions or if you want to order a Weigl Pro I/O™ Digital 32/ PNP/ DB37 please contact us.