PrismTag™ System

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PrismTag™ System is an interactive targeting and scoring system, built off our customizable ASCII scripting language on the Weigl ProCommander® Series and Pro I/O™ Series devices. The system consits of both IR recievers and IR emitters to create a unique and expandable system. One daisy chain network using standard CAT6 cabling, can connect up to 48 RGB PrismTag™ Targets. Each PrismTag™ Target has eight RGB LEDs, controllable through game logic or one of our timeline based programs.

Up to 128 PrismTag™ Wands can be used as a emitter depending on the game logic.
PrismTag™ Scoring Displays show the scores of the current player onboard as well as high scores in the boarding station. The PrismTag™ Scoring System Software web interface allows setup of media and configuration options and includes backup functions.

PrismTag Daisy Chain Connection
A PrismTag™ System is very flexible. It starts with the PrismTag™ System – Basic as an emitting game and reaches its full capacity with the PrismTag™ System – Ride with advanced game logic, high-scores and on-board high-scores in each vehicle during a game.

The PrismTag™ System – Basic extends your regular project with an emitting game. The basic version is a perfect fit for an escape game.

The PrismTag™ System – Master allows basic or advanced revisions for different audiences, seasonal events, etc., because the game logic is easily accessible.

The PrismTag™ System – Display shows the points of a game on a monitor during the game.

The PrismTag™ System – Sector creates multiple zones throughout the game. It can also be used in moving vehicles.

The PrismTag™ System – Ride provides on-board information or high-scores throughout the game within a ride.

PrismTag™ System
Basic Master Display Sector Ride
PrismTag™ Target
PrismTag™ Wand (Audio)
PrismTag™ Repeater
PrismTag™ Score Master
Wireless LTE Router
PrismTag™ Sector Display
PrismTag™ Sector Target
PrismTag™ Car-ID
PrismTag™ Scoring Display CAR
Wi-Fi Access Point
Wi-Fi Cloud Key



PrismTag™ Targets

  • 8x RGB LED color change
  • Infrared sensor
  • 4x Digital Outputs max. 1A/ 24V
  • Daisy chain up to 48 RGB PrismTag™ Targets


PrismTag™ Wand

  • Audio option available (PrismTag™ Wand Audio)
  • Laser option available
  • Custom housings on request

Here you’ll find the instruction manual for Weigl PrismTag™ System.

If you have any further questions or if you want to order a Weigl PrismTag™ System please contact us.