Project Merlin – The magical village – Fantasiana

Entertainment powered by Weigl Control - Projekt Merlin - Zauberexpress - Fantasiana - Fantasy Factory

On July 17, 2021 the theme park Fantasiana in Strasswalchen (Austria) opened the “Project Merlin“. For the eighth theme area of the amusement park, an area of 5,000 m² were transformed into the magical village with a medieval look with great attention to detail.

A sophisticated surround concept of audio, video and light elements was developed for the entire area.

With our Pro VP™ video players in the “Videowall 3D” version, the waiting time in the train station is shortened in a playful way. In the magical village, oversized monitors decorate the walls of the houses, which are filled with video content according to the respective show.

Our ProCommander® HX’s control all elements in the entire area and ensure, among many other things, that every light changes color at the right time.

Ultimately, this creates complete immersion, in which lights, music and all magical effects are perfectly synchronized and ensure magical moments for the guests.