Author: vweigl

The Pro VP™ is a embedded stand-alone video player solution especially designed for playback to any ProCommander® device.

Conductor_Logo Conductor creates a media centric platform for both show control programming and live production playback.

Showforge™ provides a plug and play animation tool for rapid programming of digital and analog animation, DMX lighting and basic show logic. Connect a ProCommander® and/or Pro I/O™ device set, connect your figure and begin programming.

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ProCommander HX Front

The Weigl ProCommander® X Series provides with ProCommander® HX our latest flagship controller. ProCommander® HX offers 8 balanced, amplified polyphonic audio channels and adds additional capability for effect channels, paging and dynamic background track routing. Coming soon.

ProCommander VX Front

The Weigl ProCommander® X Series provides with ProCommander® VX our video based show controller. ProCommander® VX contains4-channel amplified polyphonic, uncompressed audio, combined with frame locked, seamless looping dual channel 1080p or single channel 4K video playback. Coming soon.