The company Weigl GmbH & Co KG is subdivided in two fields:

1. Electronics hardware development

Many years of experiences in the development of microcontrollers build the foundation for new challenges, tasks and scopes. The bow is bent from planning of the curcuit design, the layout, firmware programming, and finished with supervision of the batch fabrication.

2. Media projects

In concrete terms media projects are multimedia installations for theme parks, museums, leisure facilities, exhibitions and shows.

The service starts with the conceptional planning, is continued with the supporting installation, the ShowControl-programming and finished with the commissioning. The aim of our work is to bridge the gap of the mostly contrary fields of creativity and technics, to build up unique world of experiences which exceed the ordinariness.

We are able to provide unique, specific and on the market not available solutions and we are used to realize unconventional ideas of the designer and customer.